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Registered Black Angus Cattle

As a retired (2008) dairy farmer of 54 years, I converted a portion of our farm, which has been in our family since the late 1800's, into a facility for raising beef cattle. In 2010 we combined 18+ acres of tillable land into pasture giving us 6 separate fenced in areas which totals about 50 acres of pasture. This provides our animals the ability to rotationally graze new growth beside the 45 acre lake on the farm.

Our goal every year at breeding time is to produce an excellent crop of bulls (which are intended to be sold as breeding bulls to other beef herds and for "clean up" breedings to dairy herds in the area) and replacement heifers as needed. EPD's are looked at and analyzed very closely to ensure that we are always making improvements to our genetics. Any remaining bulls or the rare steer is sold to a processing plant for sale as "beef for the freezer" by the ¼, ½, ¾ or entire animal.

Our bloodlines are from long standing, very reputable herds across the Midwest. Animals were purchased (starting in the fall of 2007) directly from Stassen's and Schiefelbiein Farms in Minnesota. Other bloodlines are from McCumber and Vandeberghe's Flying V Angus Farms in North Dakota and Cottonwood and Gold Meadow Farms in Minnesota. My son Ryan (whose cattle are part of my grandchildren's "college fund") and I maintain between 35 and 45 cows. All animals are AM (curly-calf), NH (water head) and CA (fawn calf syndrome) free. These are the currently identified genetic disorders within Black Angus Cattle.

AI genetics used are from the following companies: Select Sires, ABS, Genex and Accelerated Genetics. Bulls used in the past, include: SS Objective T510 0T26, Mytty In Focus, SAV Traveler 004, Rito 6I6 4B20 6807, GAR Predestined, QH Objective, GAR New Design 5050, TC Franklin and Connealy Reflection. We keep one or two bulls every year to use as clean up to make sure all females are with calf every year.

We belong to the American Angus Association and the Minnesota Angus Association. 95% of calves born are able to be registered with the American Angus Association.

I also breed and raise French Brittany (or Epagnuel Breton) dogs, hence the slogan "From Dairy to Dogs" on the website.

Please contact us about our breeding bull, processed beef or any other questions about our cattle. Our farm is always open, so call (320-693-6744) or email us to schedule a time to come and take look at our animals.